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The Episcopal Church
Who are we?

The Episcopal Church is a Christian, Catholic and Anglican church. We include the best of what Protestant and Catholic.

We are Christians.

Because we believe in the Most Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and because we recognize and proclaim Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Savior.

We are Catholic.

Because we believe in the totality of the Christian Faith, as it is contained in the Bible, defined by the Ecumenical Councils and summarized in the Apostolic, Niceno, and St. Athanasian Creeds.

We are Anglican.

Because we profess Catholic Christianity as it developed in England from apostolic times and because the Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of our Church, has its headquarters in that country.

Please do not confuse us:

We are not Roman Catholics.

Because even though we are Catholics, we are not subject to the authority of the Pope, nor do we accept the doctrinal additions that the Roman Church has made to the original Catholic Faith, nor the legalistic practice that that church exercises over the conscience of its members. We are a church that teaches and does not dictate.

We are not Protestants.

Because our church exists since apostolic times and not since the sixteenth century, as many people mistakenly believe. We preserve the Apostolic Succession of Bishops, Presbyters and Deacons; the sacramental system, and the Catholic liturgical traditions.

Our Culture

We unite in worship, recognizing the holiness of God, to hear His Word, offer our prayers and celebrate the presence of God among us.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our worship, because it is in the Sunday service that we live our community life as a Christian family. Sacred writing is the foundation of our worship. The office follows an order found in our book of worship called the Book of Common Prayer, two thirds of which are taken from the Bible. Each religious office includes reading the Old and New Testaments and many of our hymns are composed of words from the Scriptures. The Book of Common Prayer allows everyone to participate, reminding us that each person is an important part of the worship experience.

Baptism and Holy Communion

In our worship services, we celebrate the presence of God with us through water, bread and wine.

Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us that through the water of Baptism we unite ourselves to God. The Episcopal Church believes that through baptism in any Christian denomination, we become brothers and sisters of the family of God. If you have not been baptized and wish to be baptized, go to the priest after the Sunday service.

Jesus shared the bread and wine with his first followers and is with us today in this family meal that we call Holy Communion. Through it we receive the forgiveness of our sins and strengthen our union with God and with one another. Holy Communion is for us an effective unity with the life, death and Resurrection of Christ. Any baptized person (no matter where the Church comes from), is welcome and encouraged to share this food, receiving the bread and wine that is The Body and The Blood of Christ.

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